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Kiru Ra Kiru: KILL La KILL Full Movie Hd 720p Free Download > DOWNLOAD

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A young girl arrives at a school of superhumans to find out the truth behind her father's murder.
Honnouji Academy is forcefully ruled by the iron-fisted control of its student council and its president, Satsuki Kiryuuin. Transfer student, Ryuuko Matoi, arrives on campus carrying a giant sword, that is actually half of a scissor. She is looking for the woman who holds the other half of her sword who killed her father. It is said that Satsuki Kiryuuin knows the identity of the killer but when Ryuuko confronts her she is beaten by the student council and their powerful "goku uniforms" whom she cannot match in strength. However, once Ryuuko receives her own "Kamui" by the name of Senketsu , the odds are lifted in her favor.
It's one of the most unique amines and one of my faves
From the minds who brought you the absolute absurdity of Gurren Lagann comes Kill La Kill, a show where an extremely attractive, essentially naked teenager beats the crap out of people with half of a giant scissor with the help of a talking sailor uniform. Sounds freaking amazing! Is it? For the most part, yeah. I'd actually say this is much better than Gurren Lagann, as this show is more consistent in terms of quality. Not saying Gurren Lagann was bad, but it took me a while to get into. From episode one to episode twenty four of Kill La Kill (except episode 7), I found it awesome. The story is very unoriginal and kind of follows Gurren Lagann's plot structure now that I think about it, but that isn't the point of this show. It wants to slam you over the head with beautifully animated, epic fight scenes while doling out plenty of fan service. And it does that perfectly. I like all these characters. Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, and the Elite Four are entertaining thanks to their awesomeness in battle,and Mako Mankanshoku and her family bring some truly hilarious comic relief to the table. It isn't without problems though. Episode seven is bad. I won't spoil it, but trust me, it's no good. That, and I didn't like one thing about the ending. Again, won't spoil it, but you'll know it when you see it. Those two very minor things are nowhere close enough for me to advise against watching this, however, so go watch it! You will not be disappointed.

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