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A spree of burglaries seems to be connected to the X-Games, but neither the suspects nor the victims are who Kim & Ron think they are.
Senor Senior, Sr. finds being a villain is very time-consuming, so he hires a financial consultant to run his business affairs. While working with Senor Senior, Jr., the consultant cons Junior into signing over all powers of attorney to him. He then robs the Seniors blind. Later, Kim is called upon to investigate a series of thefts that seem to follow a traveling X-Games competition. (From some video, she and Wade discover that the thief has a 555 tattooed on his neck.) At the X-Games competition in Middleton, she finds the Seniors living a humble existence in a camp trailer making and selling T-shirts, and churning their own butter. Convinced they've turned a new leaf, Kim investigates some more and finds the thief. He escapes, but not before she's convinced that the thief is Junior. Confronting him, she checks his neck, but finds no "555" tattoo. Junior lets it slip that the only tattoo he's seen like that is his father's "SSS" tattoo. So Kim chases Senor Senior, Sr., who is the real thief. But before she can capture him, Junior comes forward and turns his father in. At first, Senior is shocked. But then Junior admits he did it for the reward money, which he'll use to rebuild their fortune. Then he'll break his father out of jail.

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